WSaM 62 - WandaVision

a month ago

WSaM 62 - WandaVision

A review of the full season of the (first legitimate) MCU television series. Brought to you buy a hater, a lover, and Richard. SUPPORT THE CAUSE


Round Table

1:10 - Paramount Plus
5:02 - SNL is better now than ever before in our lifetime?
9:55 - MCU directors & actors unable to break out

Main Topic - WandaVision

14:41 - Spoiler Freeze
23:17 - Spoilers (FINKLE IS EINHORN)

Shout Outs

56:23 - Our Friend
58:22 - WandaVision on Spotify & Colin Jost’s book
1:00:30 - The Silk Road

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